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  ZheJiang JiaShan SanFang Composite Co.,Ltd. Is a professional production of "VPP.X" brand glass fiber reinforced glass pipe, pipe attachments, storage tanks and PVC, PTFE, polypropylene and other thermoplastic / FRP composite pipes, tanks and other attachments, composite products new scientific and technological enterprises, European companies and joint venture companies Plastiques ,European introduction of advanced composite pipe production technology,The major products-user Papua, Europe, America and other regions.
  The company attaches great importance to research and development of...
FRP excellent physical properties
2016-5-16 13:48:55
PVC / FRP composite pipes
2016-4-13 17:36:38
FRP gelcoat
2016-4-13 17:28:15
PVDF / FRP composite tanks, pipelines
2016-4-13 17:20:13
FRP hood
2016-4-13 17:06:23
PVC/FRP composite pipes Typical projects
2016-4-13 17:01:26
PP / FRP composite pipe
2016-4-13 16:55:23
product inspection
2016-4-13 16:40:25
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